Corporate gift cards

We can supply corporate gift cards for your business to use as staff incentives and motivate your workforce to get the best out of them. Not only can we provide you with corporate gift cards for over 100 retailers, the gift cards you buy from us to reward your staff will be discounted by up to 16%.

All you need to do is join My ID Rewards for just £12 per year, then order your loaded gift cards with a discount automatically applied. For example, you may have a sales team of 20 people who you would like to reward with a £20 Virgin Wines gift card each time one of them closes a sale. Instead of your business paying £400 for 20 Virgin Wines cards, you only pay £336 for your corporate gift cards, which are then delivered to your office address, ready to reward your staff. Many of our gift cards also come electronically and can be emailed to you within hours of ordering.

Gift ideas for staff – discounted corporate gift cards for hundreds of retailers

Perhaps you have a corporate birthday scheme where you like to give your employees a present on their birthday. Once you’re a member of My ID Rewards, all you need to do is choose a gift card from hundreds of retailers and buy the value you want on it – at a discounted rate. It’s a simple way to keep on top of staff birthday presents in the work place and keep your employees feeling valued at work.

You might like to present your staff with other gifts such as retirement gifts, long service awards, maternity gifts and thank you presents. Corporate gift cards are the perfect way to do this, and our discounted gift cards are cost effective for your business.