National Trust discounts

The bank holiday weekends are just around the corner and if you’re keen to enjoy beautiful outdoor and indoor surroundings with perhaps a spot of history included, then one of the many National Trust venues is a lovely choice. The brilliant news is that you needn’t pay full price at a National Trust venue. Purchase a National Trust discounted gift card from our website and use it for your admission fee as well as all your purchases at the venue including food, drinks and gifts, or for a National Trust annual membership. Enjoying National Trust discounts is easy with My ID Rewards; our National Trust discounted gift cards have 8% off the value you purchase, so you pay that much less to get in and for anything else you purchase during your visit.

A National Trust annual membership is an excellent investment as it gains you unlimited access to over 500 National Trust venues, many of which can cost up to around £14 per person just for admission. Membership for a couple (under 5s go free) is £105 per year (just £97 when you purchase with a discounted National Trust gift card from our website). If you purchase items such as food and refreshments within the venues using the discounted loaded gift card, you continue to save 8% on everything, every time.

By joining My ID Rewards, you can not only benefit from National Trust discounts but also discounted gift cards for many other participating retailers so you can save plenty of money on a daily basis.



Pay using the discounted gift card instead of your credit card to get a percentage off everything you buy from that store, restaurant, cafe or venue. Just a small handful of our retailers include House of Fraser (7% discount), Laura Ashley (5% discount), Sainsbury’s (4% discount) and Pizza Express (7% discount) and there are over a hundred more big brands. Membership is FREE for the first 30 days (£12 after) and we promise that it can save you hundreds of pounds over the whole year. As well as National Trust discounts, we have over a hundred participating retailers so for your £12 you can certainly make much more than your money back.  You can use discounted gift cards in conjunction with other offers and at any time or on any day you wish, so no restrictions means even more savings on store discounts and sales. It’s quick and easy to sign up, you can watch our video to learn more about how it works here.

Join today to save a stack of money this year.


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